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The Best Jurassic World T-Shirts In The World

The Best Jurassic World T-Shirts In The World

Jurassic World – the long-awaited fourth instalment of the Jurassic Park series – is less than a year away! If you’re anything like us, then you’re already going dino-crazy and can’t wait to see some fresh Jurassic Park action on the big screen.

But what are you going to wear on opening night? surely not that old Jurassic Park T-Shirt. You need some new, fresh dinosaur threads that tell the world ‘I LOVE DINOSAURS AND I LOVE JURASSIC WORLD!’

So without further ado, here’s our – admittedly short – list of Jurassic World T-Shirts that are available right now! RAAWR!

Ian Malcolm Chaos Obama T-shirt

Jeff Goldblum Chaos

Ian Malcolm isn’t returning for Jurassic World (for shame!), but if he were, he should run for president. And if he did, this would be his propaganda poster: Yes We Chaos!

I Survived The Jurassic Aquarium

Jurassic Aquarium T-shirt

Tell everyone you Survived the Jurassic Aquarium with this snappy Mosasaurus T-shirt – and stay away from the aquarium at feeding time.

InGen – We Make The Future

InGen T-Shirt

InGen are involved in Jurassic World, though we’re not exactly sure how yet. Those crazy dino-makers just won’t stop!

Save The Dinosaurs

Save the Dinosaurs T-shirt

Forget the whales – think bigger – save the Dinosaurs! They need our help! stop hunting them and putting them in Jurassic World! stop dinosaur DNA experimenting!

Pocket Velociraptor

Pocket Raptor T-shirt

Been to Jurassic World? tried to smuggle a baby raptor out of the park? certainly looks like it! Show all your friends your cute raptor friend with this Pocket Raptor t-shirt. Push, little one, Push!

P.E.T.O.D. – People For The Ethical Treatment Of Dinosaurs

PETOD T-shirt

Dinosaur zoos, like Jurassic World, are unethical and wrong. So is Dinosaur DNA Testing. Join PETOD today and help campaign for a fairer future for dinosaurs and humans alike.

Jawrassic World

Jawrassic World T-shirt

Two Steven Spielberg universes unite in this Jaws-inspired mashup…just when you thought it was safe to go back to Isla Nubar – it’s Mosasaurus! The Jawrassic World T-Shirt is available from Yipptee right now!

Free Mosasaurus

Free Mosasaurus T-shirt

Free Mosasaurus! He deserves to be free like all the other dinosaurs (!?)

Join the campaign to set our favourite prehistoric killer whale-o-saurus free with this awesome free willy / Jurassic World mashup!

Sea Rex

Sea Rex Mosasaurus T-shirt

Another Jaws / Jurassic World Mashup – this time it’s a great white in peril!

Inspired by the classic Jaws poster, this parody is sure to impress Spielberg fans the world over.

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