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Jurassic World 2015 T-Shirts – More of the best…

Jurassic World 2015 T-Shirts – More of the best…

It’s been a while since we rounded up some of our favorite Jurassic World T-Shirt designs from across the web – so here we go with a new list of 2015 JW t-shirts that you need NOW!

Mosasaurus Cafe

Mosasaurus Cafe T-Shirt

Get a great white bite at the Mosasaurus Cafe, Isla Nulbar!

It’s already an iconic scene – the giant carcass of a dead great white waiting to be chowed down by the new underwater monster. So why not turn it into a great place to eat!

Visit the Mosasaurus Cafe at Jurassic World today – and let your friends know there’s only one place to go for that Great White Bite!

Rumble In The Jungle

Indominous Rex - T-Rex fight t-shirt

It’s the clash of the titans with this boxing style shirt – ‘Rumble In The Jungle’.

Indominous Rex is the challenger and T-Rex the reigning champion (not sure about that – shouldn’t it be Spinosaurus?). So pick a side and grab your tickets for this prehistoric battle.

Jurassic Parks and Rex Creation

Jurassic Parks and Rex Creation t-shirt

They sure made one weird new dinosaur behind that great big wall. Here we imagine what it would be like if that Dinosaur was half Chris Pratt, half T-rex. Of course the hilarious result is “Jurassic Parks and Rex Creation”.

This Jurassic World / Parks and Recs mash-up is certain to delight Chris Pratt fans everywhere. So don’t delay – grab yours today!

Jurassic Galaxy


Another mash-up here, but this times it’s Guardians of the Galaxy meets Jurassic World.

Appropriate of course because Chris Pratt stars in both. This time he’s riding a space velociraptor. Awesomeness!

Sea Rex

Mosasaurus Sea Rex Jurassic

Forget T-Rex – here comes SEA-REX!

Everyone’s new favorite sea dinosaur is already replacing the iconic t-rex in the classic-style Jurassic Park logo.

In the immortal words of John Hammond: “We have a SEA REX!”

Trained Mesozoic Ninja Raptors

trained raptors t-shirt

Trained Raptors is what it’s all about in Jurassic World. And there’s another group of well-trained green monsters we all know and love…

This Jurassic World / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mash-up imagines our raptor squad as ninjas, complete with weapons and headbands and all!

Raptor Squad T-Shirt

jurassic world raptor squad t-shirt

The Raptor Squad have filled their tanks and are ready to roll in this Hell’s Angels’ style design.

Join the Raptor Squad Motorcycle Club today and fire up your engines to roll through Isla Nublar!

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